President Urges Entrepreneurship

Posted on September 4, 2010. Filed under: Entrepreneurship |

 This in no way supports one political party or another as that is not the purpose of this blog. It is a clear statement from our President that has true insight on the entrepreneaurial explosion that we should see in our very near future……you can already hear it rumbling!

From President Obama’s Oval Office Address:

“Our most urgent task is to restore our economy, and put the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs back to work. To strengthen our middle class, we must give all our children the education they deserve, and all our workers the skills that they need to compete in a global economy. We must jumpstart industries that create jobs, and end our dependence on foreign oil. We must unleash the innovation that allows new products to roll off our assembly lines, and nurture the ideas that spring from our entrepreneurs. This will be difficult. But in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people, and my central responsibility as President”.

I hope everyone is listening closely… can see that the “system” is changing once again on how we create wealth. Roberty Kiyosaki said it many books ago…..this was going to be the “Age of the Entrepreneur”.  I remember him saying in his book that when times are tight and tough….basically the tough get going and get innovative.

We are America…Americans…..we were built on innovation, we HAD TO become innovators and entrepreneurs. We were creating our OWN way and we wanted to prove to the world WE COULD MAKE IT! We can once again make it, but it is not in the job industries many of my generation and older have been trained for…..but that does not cut us out one bit. We need to look for NEEDS and fill them. We need to not only look in our own backyard, but we need to know that whatever we build a business around….it must have a GLOBAL VALUE or a GLOBAL NEED! As many are looking in to new ways to increase their income…remember and make it your MISSION to look outside of what you “think” you know….explore new options and remember what was said at the end of the speech, “the dream that a better life awaits anyone who is willing to work for it and reach for it” ….. it can be attained….but you must work for it and you must reach for it and maybe take yourself out of your comfort zone!

For the full speech and other related materials:


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