Ten American Industries That Will Never Recover…Do you have your parachute to safety?

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Unrecovering Industries | Ten American Industries That Will Never Recover | Comcast.net

via Unrecovering Industries | Ten American Industries That Will Never Recover | Comcast.net.

As I opened up my desktop this morning, this comcast update really pinpointed what online businesses help individuals prepare for….the crash of your industry. I am wondering how many truly have a parachute or are they just thinking they will be lucky enough to survive the turbulence or crash of an industry. I know that boyscouts always live by the “always prepared” motto- I think individuals need to start thinking about preparing for the worst because this is a ten year outlook, not just hang in there for another year and we will pull through type of scare-this is a serious threat. You may not be jumping, but you might just get pushed so get your parachute ready so your life doesn’t go down with the industry. So do you fall into one of these categories?- Take a look and see…..I would think you are already feeling the squeeze…don’t be fooled, BE PREPARED!

So what are the top 10 industries that are on Mayday…Mayday…alert status?

#1 State and Local Government: This one surpised me a bit because I have felt that the private sector of business is being hit the hardest and government is getting bigger, but it really makes sense. Less money from private sector equals less government spending. I have personally experienced this crunch a few years ago before discovering an online business plan when I was applying for a teaching position. One of the safest industries right?- Wrong. Layoffs were occurring due to cutbacks and no new hires….bad news for a mom who went back to college to create a better life believing that I would be insured a job in education. I was only left without an opportunity for teaching and student loans to pay back…..which is why I knew I needed a parachute and was fortunate enough to find a network of leaders who showed me a simple and proven online business plan.

#2 Construction: Once again my family personally has been affected in this area. My husband growing up in the industry from a small child had a true love of construction and all of its’ facets molded into his being. As an adult he became successful in commercial and residential construction ultimately stepping out on his own, to only be faced with the tanking of this industry within a few years. I know that this story sounds like countless others. Small businesses and large are struggling just to find work and when they do the bidding is so competitive it is difficult to turn a profit…..a true advantage for consumers with money to spend. But honestly, people aren’t spending so commercial in the area of retail, restaurants, and business center development has really almost become obsolete. Then on the residential side; new construction of homes have come to a screeching halt with high volumes of new home inventory that is available and not enough buyers to fill what is even existing out there today. Even residential remodeling has slowed down as families tighten up their purse strings.

#3 Installation: Maintenance and Repair: This industry heavily relies on #2: New Construction, so obviously if this is hurting then so is the skilled labor that helps build new construction, the maintenance sector that helps keep large office buildings/retail in good running order, and repair-especially within the commercial arena. Now I realize that there is still work in this area as all of these items are a must at some points, like when your dishwasher leaks all over your kitchen floor and destroys the whole subfloor, blows out some electrical- then yes, there is a job that awaits these fields; but they are no longer luxury items or in high demand. Another interesting fact that was in the mini article was all the skilled labor within our troops that are returning from Iraq. They will then populate this industry even more, competing for less and less work at lower wages. Not looking pretty is it?

#4 Auto Manufacturing: As if we didn’t already know this one right? But I never really thought about the fact that when the industry of manufacturing gets hit- each and “every layoff rusults in three more layoffs withing that industry”!. I see that around this metropolitan area with HUGE carlots sitting empty due to bancrupt dealerships.

#5 Pharmaceuticals: This is another one that was a bit surprising to me. I figured with new health care reform and the baby boomer population getting older and in need of more medication, that this would be a growing industry. The reasoning behind the job losses within the article pointed to the loss of patent protection for large Pharma companies. This means the drugs go generic and they lose the monopoly of having the latest and greatest drug….great for consumers and insurance companies- BAD FOR PHARMA REPS AND PHARMA COMPANY STAFF!

#6 Big Telecom: Take a look around when you are driving….is everyone talking??? Cell phones have taken over and landlines are becoming a thing of the past. The new advertisement for the DROID shows giving wireless internet capabilities and you can even stream your favorite shows through many cell phone plans. So less customers, equals less money, less demand for staff, equals a lot of JOB LOSSES!

#7 Newspapers: This has been an area that has been decreasing ever since the age of the internet, but more and more it is declining. Many newspapers are going completely online which takes less staff and brings in less money. Families looking to cut back will cut out a newspaper subscription because they can view it online, which cost less money and is more eco friendly too! It is projected that there will be “120K” more layoffs within this already shrinking industry in the next 10 years.

#8 Airline Employees: If people don’t have a lot of money…are they traveling as much?? If a business can use online technology for conferencing, file transfers and so on- do you think they will fly their corporate reps all around? Also they have had so many mergers and have had to reduce fares to appeal to the market…..it results in less money for staff. Even now when I fly most everything is done online…even check-in- that reduces a need for a real live person and gone are the days of more than 3 or so flight attendants on a flight- working less people, for less and harder.

#9 Realtors: Ok we all knew this. No new home construction…don’t need any realtors. Foreclosures up, means prices way down……meaning commission goes WAY down too. That means a realtor has to sell at least double if not triple the amount of homes in order to make the same amount of money. Not to mention they are working harder than ever before to sell the houses. This is not the real-estate boom era any longer…….so many of these industries are tied to one another you can see the domino effect.


#10 Bank Tellers: Number one….who has a ton of money to being going up to the bank to put in or take out…..most likely most people are up their for non-sufficient fund charges. Also, so much banking has gone online, that the need for tellers has decreased.

Are you thinking you need to get your parachute ready……or are you already out of the “plane” screaming for help? There is a better way….you can see that many industries are already working online…..so why can’t YOU tap into the power of online business too? Do you have a computer, internet, cell phone? Are you fearful that the OLD system you counted on to keep you safe is FAILING…….step out of the old and into the NEW. A new simple online business system has been developed for you, all you have to do is open your scope and see it. It is not a get rich overnight…..nothing is unless it is the lotto or a huge family inheritance. It takes some work, but with a great SIMPLE ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL, TRAININGS ONLINE, SOLID LEADERSHIP and much more…….you CAN DO IT, just please don’t fly without a parachute!!


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