Shouldn’t a Degree Keep You From Poverty?

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         I had to discuss this point and link to this brief article because as I have looked around at many of my friends….they hold Bachelor’s and many of them hold Master’s Degrees, but they are struggling to find work. I personally faced the same fate after going back to school to pursue a new degree…..when I was finished I was left with student loans and no prospect of work.  With a background in education and a belief in education I am blown  away with how education is pushed to keep us from being poor, yet truly it is not protecting Americans from becoming poor in this recession.

       I realize that many specialty areas such as nursing, medicine, law and computer science may still be in high demand. But for many that graduate with a Bachelors in business, marketing, education, psychology and so on…..are not finding the jobs that they had hoped for. Some may say people need to be careful then what they major in, but if it takes 4 to 6 years to graduate…..a field that may have been in a higher demand may be upon graduation facing budget cuts, moved overseas, or be basically non-existent. Even medicine, law, sciences, and technology are not completely safe either for the future. With new government mandates;possible universal health care coverage; people not having enough money to sue, divorce, or legally get advised there really is no true safe degree.

     What was also interesting and I am sure very familiar were the comments to the article. One in particular pointed to the fact that many successful peers had never graduated college, but started their own businesses. Another comment spoke about cleaning houses or lawn maintenance paying $30/hour….while when you look in the classifieds many degree holders are looking at around $10-14/hour.

       Starting your own business is not guaranteed either and can be expensive, but becoming an entrepreneur within a company with a business plan in place may be the safest way to begin your own company. Network marketing has changed and looks much different than it did years ago and truly is your own business, but without all the headache. It is like buying into a franchise…..and your particular store can be the most successful if you push for it. But unlike a franchised store you are not having large start-up costs or huge overheads, no stocking products or dealing with  legalities all give the new entrepreneurs of our age a huge edge. With global markets able to become partners and customers in these companies… are almost limitless in your opportunity to grow and the best part is the income is residual. It is not get rich quick, but it is get rich smart and much more quickly than any other method I have found…minus inheritance or lottery of course. 

        I still stand by education as something of importance as it allows us to become more developed, mature and prepared for world markets……but I do know that it is not a guarantee of success. You, your network of contacts, and your overall drive and pursuance and perseverance are all major factors in creating your own success.


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2 Responses to “Shouldn’t a Degree Keep You From Poverty?”

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Thank you so much bet365italia. It is always encouraging to know that the information put out is of value to others. I have a huge “WHY” in my business. My why is to show others that they need to prepare for job loss, inability to work or find work. It doesn’t matter how secure you may think you are….we are all only x number of paychecks away from poverty. Don’t wait until it is too late is what I tell people. Even if you have, get started with something else….use the extra to help others along the way so that they may see success in life too! It truly takes a village and I love the colloboration of people helping one another achieve so much. Just a lot of people doing a little bit!

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