Networking Is Power

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            Webster’s dictionary defines networking as the exchange of information or services among individuals or groups; the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. How do we network today?

           When attempting to find employment opportunities we network through others to first get the word out that we are looking for employment and let them know what types of skills, education and job description we are looking at obtaining. Tapping into that network is key and can be done through personal calls, face-to-face meetings, emails, facebook posts, tweets and other social connections we have in place online. Many people also look into networking events in their area to promote themselves in a setting that allows everyone to share their services, ideas, and strengths with others. At that point we hope that our networks begin to tap into their own networks either directly or indirectly, ultimately leading us to new connections that allow us to reach our desired goal of employment.

          Business owners and entrepreneurs are also constantly using the power of networks to increase sales, visibility, product information, company brand recognition and so on. As business owners we know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful of our networking tools. There is power in your businesses services or products being recommended from one person to another as these recommendations come from a trusted source to a new connection. Harnessing the power of the internet is key in today’s world to help maintain and drive new business and keep current clients and customers. Even when a companies network of followers, clients, customers share with a personal connection; the new contact almost immediately seeks out an online source to take a closer look at the business, thus validating the initial sources recommendation. We live in an instant gratification society and people want to check out the product or services or opportunity immediately before moving forward with becoming a new client, customer, employee or business builder for the company. Small and large businesses need to have an online presence to include facebook fan pages, twitter accounts, blogs, newsletters, email notifications, youtube accounts and many more. The more places they are, the larger their network can grow and the larger their business and profits will grow. Brand and company loyalty is being built not only on word of mouth, which is still the most powerful networking tool, but by connecting with social media.

         Businesses can also see the power of how networks can hurt your business. A few viral videos, posts, tweets can make your profits plunge. I actually read in Reader’s digest about unhappy customer’s that made youtube videos and sent them out via email, facebook and twitter and wound up getting so many hits that the companies took notice. Of course the companies immediately fixed the problem and asked for the videos and posts to be removed as they saw how powerful just one video was once it tapped into network after network after network.

          Students network. They network to get into good colleges. These days it is very competitive to get into schools, so using your network or parents’ network of friends, businesses colleagues, family members, and others can be the deciding factor between a big named college and a local small college. We know it works. Someone makes a call to someone else and promotes a student applicant and immediately their file is placed up at the top. This does not guarantee acceptance, but if you meet their criteria…because of your network or contact, you have that extra edge.

           If you have one or more friends you have networked. Somehow you have come into contact with someone and shared a mutual interest or just connected in some way to put you into a position of becoming friends. If you have many friends you are a true networker. A friend invites you to a party and you talk with their network of friends and with some time investment you begin making new friends from their friends…..and it continues. If you have a child they help you gain friends through their network of friends. As you go to school functions or sports games you meet your child’s friend’s parents and connect making new friends, thus expanding your own network of contacts. We meet people by connecting with others, who connect with others, who then introduce us and we become friends and acquaintances. Try it, write down people you know and would consider a friend or acquaintance….most people reach somewhere between 1000 to 1500 as you can include spouses, significant others and family you may know of those immediate connections. That is amazing because we all had to make our first friend and then it grew and grew and grew almost effortlessly.

        What about the power of networks in politics? I bet some candidates wish people would keep their mouths shut on who they are voting for and why. With the internet offering so many social media offering so much sharing power……a new story, a dirty little fact, a speech gone wrong can go viral instantly and sway public opinion.

          So why do people sometimes get hesitant about network marketing? Isn’t network marketing the same thing? It is a cultivation of relationships for business and the exchange of information and services among individuals. The word is network marketing….you market your business and products through networks…..this is no different than any other networking you do. You join a network marketing company and then you share with others(your network) about your products, services and business opportunity. Then whether they become product customers, business partners or even if it isn’t the right time or opportunity for them; they start to share with their network. As you bring on more business partners, they share and build through their networks. It is a lot of people doing a little bit for the greater good of everyone…..building power in networking to create financial freedoms! It just continues to grow as networks are limitless, especially since the internet allows us to connect with others all around the globe.

        Network marketing is multi-level marketing, but in no way a pyramid scheme. It is not a scheme, it only has a pyramid shape. So many say that it means that only those at the top make the money….not true, corporate America is the ultimate Pyramid “scheme” where a lot of people work really hard to make just a few at the top really wealthy. Think about all the companies you know, does the worker stocking, selling, filing, organizing, staffing………. for the company grow their income the harder they work? Maybe they get a raise, but can they truly have the same income earning potential of a senior level management position? Take a moment to think about where you work and how it is set up….is it a pyramid where people at the top prosper?

           The beautiful thing about network marketing is that it is the most fair business model to be created. It is like the democracy of business models where everyone has an equal opportunity. Today and tomorrow it will be known as The Business of the 21st Century. It is a business of relationships, of friendships, of freedoms, growth and future. Tap into your network and join us in realizing……networking is power, power to free, power to truly live, power to change lives, power to grow, power to succeed, power to help others and power to move forward into your dreams! We are looking for those individuals who enjoy networking, enjoy helping others, want a change in their lives to help change other lives for the better. Looking for those who want to not only lead, but share and join together, network together to build something larger than you could ever build alone. I challenge you to look at what network marketing truly is and offers and join us today!

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How to start social media marketing: snorkel first, don’t scuba dive!

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     We all are familiar with social media. We constantly hear the words facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs and so on. These are places we gather information, check out fun or informative videos, share in others joys and trials, obtain great deals, get updated on news and events – unless you are in a cave somewhere, we are all touched by some form of social media. So how do you get started yourself in utilizing this powerhouse FREE marketing/networking vehicle of social media?

      A wonderful woman I know phrased it like this……” you need to snorkel, before you scuba dive” when it comes to social media. What she meant is just skim the surface of social media sites when you get started. If you scuba dive first you can’t see everything it has to offer because you have went to deep in one area. You  must first jump in the waters and begin your journey into what is “below” by just floating on the surface. Go deeper after you have been looking around at the top for a while because you don’t have such a high risk of drowning while just skimming the top. Social media can be overwhelming and push people to quit or focus in on one area too much when social media marketing encompasses many places, not just focusing on one. You don’t want to just be a blogger, a tweeter, a youtuber………your goal is to dominate social media, to be a social media marketer and ultimately maybe even a guru!

Step 1: Go and purchase your domain names at somewhere reputable such as I would suggest you start with simply purchasing your name and/or company name first. Don’t let someone else own your name…..this is particularly useful if you have a common name.

Step 2: Go to major social media sites such as youtube, twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, etc. and create an account with your name. If you are using a company name you should use the same name throughout to help with Search Engine Optimization. (Obviously you do not have to do this because I did not, but it will help to rank you much higher when a search engine is able to see that the same name is in the vast universe of the internet many times, rather than just once. I always recommend this to my team that is new to using social media tools because it takes less work to become ranked)

Step 3: Go to a site such as or and create an account. Ping is free and hootsuite has free services, but the best services come with a small price tag. These services allow you to post from one location to all of your accounts, saving you time and creating better SEO because once again the search engines are looking for something that comes up more than once.

Step 4: Create a profile for yourself. This is a quick bio of yourself or what you do or what your company offers. This should be the same or similar across the board. This allows people to know that you are real or your company is valid if they see consistency across the board. This means that your picture or logo should also be consistent on each. REMEMBER….YOU ARE CREATING A BRAND! You want people to recognize you or your company with just one photo/image.(If it is a photo of yourself, make it professional looking)

Step 5: Select one, I suggest facebook first(remember that you want low security settings on this account so others can easily view, so don’t put anything on there you wouldn’t want anyone able to see or share…if you need to create a more business geared page away from a possible intimate circle of friends page do so at this time), and begin building up your network. Join groups that interest you, search for friends you know, or people that share your same interest. remember that you can only add around 15 new contacts a day before facebook gets concerned you may just be a computer generated invite service. They will put you on restriction. Also, make sure to include your URLs for twitter, youtube, blog and domains. This gives them validity to search engines and allows people to connect with you elsewhere.

Step 6: Create a landing page website for you or your product. This can easily be done at godaddy’s site called website tonight. It is very simple and can be free with a purchase of a domain(you will have website tonight advertising on a free page, but if you are on a budget, go for it!) Your landing page should contain the same image on social media sites and say the same things as your profile. You can also set up a contact form on the front page for gathering email addresses from future customers/business partners and so on. Make sure to create links to your other social media sites. This also helps you SEO because you are linking your other internet “spaces” on a seperate site.

Step 7: Polish up that youtube account! If you don’t have a video of yourself or product….make one! You can also add videos to your channel from other channels in your favorites. This is important because you need to put the video of yourself on the website landing page. Why? Because google loves videos(they own youtube) and people love videos. Did you know you increase your chances by 400% of someone taking interest in you/your company if you have a video- get a flip video camcorder or borrow one. Just get one up there. People want to see what you have to offer….remember, you are growing trust and relationships via online, people have to feel like they have met you and talked to you.

Step 8: Continue one by one with creating more content within your other social media avenues. But with each one you add, make sure you are still keeping up with the others. This is why and hootsuite are so important. You don’t want to use up your whole life just updating! Remember that this is creating a network or web. Everything is connected you can write a blog and then share it on twitter, digg, facebook, orkut and so on. Then when you get a new youtube video you do the same. Give your readers a balance between information and personality of you/your business. They want both.

Step 9: Google and Youtube are your friends when needing to know how to create something. Type in how to upload a video to youtube, how to change background… to tweet, etc. It is all there for you! If you truly want to succeed you will learn and find ways to learn, it is all out there for you.

Step 10: Take a deep breath and relax. Tell yourself you can do this. Baby steps, build up one thing at a time. Don’t be afraid to mess up… is better to get out there in this social media world, than to just sit back and wish you could have it perfect…you will get better with time….and remember you are just snorkeling first, then dive deep!

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