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       We all realize that making a brand for a company is critical for it’s future success. We trust brands because they have been suggested by others, we can count on their quality and it is recognized by many.

       Mercedes and BMW have branded themselves as luxury. When you think of a luxury car we immediately think of these names. We know they are quality built and they give us a sense of achievement and success when we see one, drive one and own one. What about other household products such as Lysol, Kleenex, Campbells? We all trust these names and know that they work or are of higher quality than other brands, so we reach for them first. Some brands we reach for because we want others to know that we have “that pair of jeans”, “those shoes”, “that purse”……..the brand has power to make us feel that if we wear it or own it, others will look at us as if we have “arrived” or are successful. This is power!

       People can brand themselves. Look at Oprah for example. Just her name is a brand and it has power. Not only is the Oprah show popular and has a worldwide following, but she has used her branding power to create Magazines and TV shows to boost her following, profits and advertising. Her brand continues to grow in its’ following because people have grown to like her, trust her and know that she offers quality information and products she endorses. Other large names such as Donald Trump have done a great job in branding of themselves. He is similar to Oprah in the fact that all you have to say is “Trump” and people know who you are talking about. His name is synonymous with wealth, success, business, quality and luxury. He has expanded his brand through shows such as “The Apprentice” that have skyrocketed his brand recognition of being a leader in business.

       When looking at Network Marketing opportunities it is important to look at the Brand. Is it a name that others recognize and can remember. Does the name make people feel comfortable about the business and the products offered? If people can’t remember the name of the company, how will they share about it easily…..some of the companies have such obscure names that even if the product captures your attention you forget how to even search for it once you are home to check it out. Also, if you don’t have a recognized brand, it will be harder to sell your products as there is no established trust with the brand name. Also, a brand name that is not established could make potential business builders skeptical about whether to join because many MLM companies close within a few years and then marketers are left scrambling to build new teams under a new company.

        Why set yourself up for failure from the beginning in your networking business. Look carefully at the leadership and brand recognition. It is still a business and will take work on your part, so you want it to stand the test of time and be recognized by others as a quality business with quality products.

         Trump has endorsed Network Marketing for years along with other leaders such as former President Bill Clinton, bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Bufffet and many others. They see the power in the business to help everyone involved from products to building incomes. Trump has actually created his own network marketing company called The Trump Network. People recognize that this successful man knows how to make money. He would not attach his name to anything but the best. That includes leadership, products, business tools, compensation and every other facet. He does not rush in to anything and has been working on this for over 7 years trying to find the right products, right leadership, right plan and the right time. If you are going to align yourself with someone in business, Trump Network would be a name that is recognized, trusted for quality, and prepped for success.

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Donald Trump’s New Apprentice Show: Putting America back to work: What if you had the same opportunity?

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In Donald Trump’s new season of the Apprentice that will air on Thursdays starting September 16th at 10/9c…….will have a new twist: putting America back to work! Isn’t that what is on so many of our minds today? How do we find work? Where do we find work? Why can’t I find work when I am educated? Why did the recession have to tank my business? What will I do now?

I know personally those questions have crossed my mind. Owning our own general contracting company that was hard hit by the recession….not just us individually, but our whole industry. Or even more personally to me individually…..I have a degree, I have been successful but no one is hiring! How many resumes did I need to put out, how many contacts did I need to go to- ultimately finding nothing? Neighbors, family members, friends…….all being laid off or in fear of being laid off with no real hope for a future job in the marketplace….this is going on ACROSS AMERICA…..ACROSS THE GLOBE.  Donald Trump is recognizing this need in so many ways.

First let’s take a look at some of the candidates.

Alex; mechanical engineer that is now towing trucks to make ends meet for his family. David; went from a top account manager to not being able to pay his mortgage. James; a Duke grad with a Law degree from Georgetown that is now unemployed. Liza; has her master’s and started a business that fell victim to the recession. Clint; who has his doctorate in law was forced to sell his possessions and his family is living in friends’ rental properties. Kelly; who was ranked Atlanta’s “Power 30 Under 30” in global public relations that is now jobless was forced to move home with her parents. Poppy; Stanford grad with a master’s in sociology that can’t find a job after her schooling and is home too with her parents. And then there is Steurt; successful entrepreneur who had to close down two companies and lay off many employees.

Do any of these stories sound familiar? I look at these individuals and they are well educated, they have reached levels of success, yet due to our poor economy they are now all just as hard-hit by the economic downturn as many others that are flooding the still existing businesses/companies with resumes to no avail. Trump is giving them hope…he sees their potential and sees that they represent countless other Americans that may be at that point now or in the near future. These are qualified individuals who through no fault of their own are down on their luck and looking for hope. They know that there will be work involved and they are willing to take the chance, the chance at hope for a brighter financial future.

Only so many could make it on the Apprentice, but what if Trump could give you the same opportunity…..would you take it? Would you be willing to step out and work hard in order to achieve financial security and success? Stop and think about it a moment….if Trump came to you and said I have a way to possibly help you out of your current situation or a possible way to protect you from being without work in the future……..would you consider it? What if he said that the timing was right and that timing was everything….would you consider that?

If you answered yes, then I have some really exciting news. Donald Trump does have an opportunity in business for anyone willing to put forth some effort, take a step out into entrepreneurialism, and who is ready to lead others to do the same.  I am excited to be a part of a phenomenal team of leaders that has chosen to do just this; take Trump up on his offer at a chance for financial success! Did you know that Donald Trump now has a business that is open to you? It involves networking yourself with others to create a stream of residual income. The business model is phenomenal, the products are outstanding, the training is cutting edge and it can all be done in your own home and online! It is the Trump Network and it is in its premomentum phase as in if you get on board now and begin building your business, you can ride the wave of momentum as this business grows quickly and globally. I know why I wanted to get on board, why don’t you take a look and see why you would want to get on board this business built for success by success. Trump knew a lot about the timing in real estate and I know with his business skills and resources; he realized there was a new piece of “real estate” he wanted that he could share with anyone and everyone that was willing. It is the “real estate” of the business of the 21st Century; Network Marketing.

If you are interested I would love to hear from you. I am so glad I took on the opportunity as an independent marketer as it has been life changing and saving! We have a whole team that is ready to guide you as you get started and on track with your financial goals and dreams. We look forward to helping you begin to build your own business; a business that will be your vehicle for change and allow you to live the life free of fearing for your financial future. Today is your day!

As with anything, nothing is guaranteed, but it is truly an opportunity for success for those who want to put forth the effort……for those that put forth the effort and maintain there committment to building there business…..they are the ones who not only deserve the success, but earned it!

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